The Sally oven exclusively at Linea.

In co-operation with well-known food blogger Sally, we’re teaming up with Linea to offer the Bosch HBG 5780 B 6 oven. The exclusive appliance is equipped with a self-cleaning function and Home Connect technology, enabling it to be networked with the ‘Sallys Welt’ app. Specifically speaking, this means over 1500 baking and cooking recipes can be sent directly from the app to the oven via the Home Connect feature. An innovation that’s to our taste.

‘I’m Sally from Waghäusel…

… and I’ve been a passionate cook and baker since childhood. I published my first baking video on YouTube around 9 years ago.

Even today, I place great emphasis on delicious, creative dishes that are neither difficult nor particularly time-consuming.

A perfectly thought-out, well-designed, functional kitchen is very important to me, which is why I’m delighted to have found the ideal kitchen manufacturer in you guys.


“In my “Sallys Welt” app, you’ll find over 1500 baking and cooking recipes whose settings you can send directly from the app to your Bosch oven via the Home Connect function. As such, the appliance will pre-set the correct baking time and temperature, so you’ll never have another baking disaster.”